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Wow are we thankful for the wise counsel of the short term missions committee.  We were 3.5 hours early for the flight – maybe, we thought, a bit excessive for a Grand Rapids flight??  But exactly enough time for every problem that arose (lost team credit card, lost cell phone, TSA pre-check issues, “thorough” security experiences, luggage issues. And in Chicago, more problems: a technology issue in our terminal, reissuing of boarding passes, more luggage issues.  We can’t help but laugh.  We aren’t even out of the States yet.

Lynnell distributed team snacks in gift bags (elevating this team experience above all others) to help our attitudes and appetites in our marathon of flights.

Thank you for praying, we have already seen answers and anticipate needing more!

Send off at the GRR airport, thank you Lana, Larry, Clarence & Nora, Hennie, and Suzanna for praying over us.