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2023, Greece, Short Term Missions:

2023 Greece: Day 2 of Kids Camp

We finished up our second day at Kids Camp in Glyfada. Today we started our morning with Hot Seat, Simon says and Freeze Tag, where the kids got to know each other more in small groups.
Our English lesson today was about community members and places they work including a scavenger hunt throughout the church.
Next, we moved into the common thread game while each team created their group flag for the week.
Builders and destroyers was the favorite and most competitive of the day!
Micah Bagley led an ecology lesson on how the crow, grass, tortoise and red fox are apart of a food chain. When one part is removed then the entire chain struggles- reminding us how important each one of us are in God’s community.
Then we finished the day painting rocks and playing more games (the kids had particular favorites that involved running ☺️😮‍💨)
The whole team is having a great time and so excited for the rest of the week, but needs prayers for more opportunities to rest and more energy.
Praise for Elizabeth Thelen and Sean Thelen hosting our group , Grace and Theo with an amazing Greek dinner and a wonderful sunset over the sea 😊