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2023, Greece, Short Term Missions:

Greece 2023: Day 3 Update

Wow this week is just flying by!!!

Today we started the morning with Red Light, Green Light and Heads Up Seven Up. Red Light Green light got pretty competitive…in general the kids this week are all competitive in most of the games!

Next we did an English Lesson in Words of Encouragement by Ally Ray. The kids were able to use this lesson for the next round of carnival games!

Danielle Balanda led an amazing lesson on the importance in encouraging others and how together we can lift up our community together.

Then we all ended the day building marshmallow-toothpick bridges together in their teams – we got some solid foundations! (…before they started to melt in the Greece heat)

The Team got caught up in playing games at the church after the kids went home…we were at the church for an hour and a half playing signs with Liz and Sean, and having a blast!

We were able to go to the Voula beach at the end of the day as well. First time in the Aegean Sea for most of us!

We ended our night with an awesome reflection at how God is at work in and through each of us in this trip. He has been so gracious to each of us and we have been able to find incredible joy and encouragement from Him. Continued prayers for rest and energy for the team would be so appreciated, as we have a busy next few days ahead of us.