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2023, HSM Wisconsin, Short Term Missions:

HSM 2023 Wisconsin: Pray with us

Hi friends,

As we prepare and ready our hearts to go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to serve with Next Steps Ministries, your prayers are the greatest gift you could give our team. Below are what our team is specifically praying for, so please pray with us over these requests!

  1. Growing more comfortable talking to people I don’t know
  2. Bonding as a group, working well as a team, connecting well with other teams, and just having fun
  3. Growing in my spiritual walk with God
  4. Understanding how even the small things we do have a big impact for the kingdom
  5. Achieve what we came to do and reach the people in Milwaukee
  6. Experience God in a way we haven’t before
  7. That intentional conversations would be had with students AND the people we are serving
  8. That we all would see this trip as important and weighty even though it is a state over and we aren’t gone for a long time
  9. We would notice and see God working
  10. That there would be a long lasting impact on us and the people we serve.
  11. That we would see God working in this trip and when we get back home.
  12. Learn to have joy in God’s work even when it can be hard and uncomfortable
  13. Building deeper relationships with current friends and building new friendships
  14. That the drives goes well and that all the hard work that went into planning this goes well
  15. That we be able to build something – this student meant physical, but I would add spiritually as well!
  16. That we be put in positions where we have to ask God to do the work and for opportunities to see God work.
  17. Everybody on this trip sees God in a unique and special way and takes a step closer to him.

The team leaves Sunday, June 25 and will return Saturday, July 1. We appreciate your prayers before, through out, and after the trip. Stay tuned into the blog to hear updates through out the trip!