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2019, Lesvos, Short Term Missions:

Lesvos, August 2019– First day at the center

This morning we met with Martha, a All4Aid worker in Moriah and at the center. She gave us some more background knowledge on the refugee crisis in Lesvos as well general knowledge about the work they are doing on the island. From there we went to the center to be shown around and introduced to the process. We spent the late morning and early afternoon spending time with the women and children. Some people colored with the kids, talked with the women, and made hair scrunchies, the craft for the day. Since we can’t take pictures of the refugees, we uploaded a picture of one of our team members wearing the scrunchie. Other team members assisted in the laundry room and at the “shop,” a place where women can choose a limited amount of supplies. Many of the us were able to hear some stories from the refugee women— we learned about how long it took them to travel to Lesvos, their family members both here and back in their home countries, and their hopes for the future. As said by a returning team member, we are just happy to sit and listen and be a smiling face that the women can look forward to seeing each day.

After the women and children left for the day, the team helped with restocking and organizing the storage room— we counted and rolled scarves, restocked toy bins, and refilled the hygienic supplies.

The team members who were 18 and older were previously asked to go into the refugee camp, Moriah, and serve dinner to the women and children. There is another group of workers from a different organization who had plenty of volunteers, so we were not needed today.