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Rescued | Restored | Ready - Stories of Redemption

This teaching series begins in the Old Testament books of Ruth and Esther and concludes in the New Testament gospel of Mark. Throughout each of these books we see the ideas of rescue, restoration and readiness. As people experience the salvation of God, they turn around and participate in rescuing others.

Through the rescue that God provides we are able to see Him more clearly and participate in His work. We are redeemed so that we are ready to follow the path set by Jesus, honoring God in faithful obedience. Through this series, we hope you will see the story of redemption God is working in your life and be encouraged to be a rescuer wherever He has placed you.

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Living By Faith

Our 2016-2017 series in the book of Romans.

Rewire Series

Videos and workbooks for a five-session study of living faithfully in a technological world.

The Small Group

The all-time hit comedy series that demonstrates "The Ten Commandments of Community."


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