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2024, Cyprus, Short Term Missions:

Monday – Intro to the Center

What we learned:

  • The Center’s volunteer guidelines were reiterated but it was good to interact with the directors and ask questions and hear everything one more time.
  • Relationship is important.  We set aside our western inclination to produce amazing results task-wise and focused on the precious people in front of us.
  • The men (and one amazing Cypriot lady from All4Aid) went to the lumber yard in the afternoon.  They measured and picked out lumber to build new shelving in the clothing pantry.  A highlight for Jim was bringing along one of the teenage volunteers for the adventure.
  • The organization has been using this building for over 14 years, and they desire to expand.  Renovations are in progress for converting rooms to computer training, sewing, and English classrooms.  Spaces are also being revamped for food, clothing and baby care item distribution.
  • Lynnell, Sherry and Krystal worked on unpacking clothing donations and helping organize for summer clothing distribution.  Lynnell’s expertise in running a clothes closet was shining through.
  • A volunteer from Cameroon, Africa, invited the whole team and several All4Aid folks over to her house for an amazing homemade lunch (feast).  We had great conversation in English, French and Greek.  Again, relationship building was the best part of the day.
  • Our cat count is up to 38.