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2024, Cyprus, Short Term Missions:

Saturday & Sunday – What’s Jet lag?

We are safely in Cyprus and learning the lay of the land, thank you for praying!  Our Airbnb is in a touristy area but we aren’t complaining!  We can see the Mediterranean from our kitchen/living room window.  It is close to the airport, so we are able to see planes flying low over the water as they prepare to land.

This morning we attended LCC-Larnaca Community Church.  It was fun to experience multi-national, multi-cultural worship with familiar songs.  After service we had fellowship over coffee with the attendees.  We met so many inspiring believers: “tent maker” missionaries from San Francisco,  a young man from Congo with a fascinating story, sweet twins from Cyprus attending university.  After church we had a delicious dinner with Marv and Dawn and All4Aid leader Elena.

We are working hard to stay awake today so the rest of the week will be less jet-lag-y.

Stray cat count to date: 24